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RT code example

Send an email or text message

Use the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) to send an email message; send the email to an SMS (Short Message Service) gateway service to forward the email as a text message.

LabVIEW RT block diagram snippet: RT checks for Internet access and then sends an email composed of recipients, subject line, and message

Use cases


Keep in mind

IMPORTANT: The Academic RIO Device system date must be reasonably close to the true date for TLS-secured email to be accepted by the SMTP server. Experiments with the Gmail SMTP server show that the Device system date must be no more than 12 days in the past and no more than 70 days into the future. The Device does not include an onboard real-time clock (RTC), therefore its system date resets to the same date on each power cycle. While it is possible to occasionally manually update the power-on system date (see below), consider the inexpensive Digilent I2C battery-backed RTC module to preserve the true calendar date across power cycles.

You can adjust the power-on system date with NI MAX or a browser.

LabVIEW block diagram elements

Locate these elements with "Quick Drop" (press Ctrl+Space and start typing the name); click on an icon to see more sample code that uses that element:

Send Email
Get Date-Time String
TCP Open Connection
TCP Close Connection

Example code

CAUTION: This Express VI stores your Google account credentials – keep this in mind when posting or sharing your code!

Troubleshooting tips

Expected results

https://youtu.be/jMLvxOQGo4g (1:39)

Developer walk-through

https://youtu.be/7n31O1Np4-k (2:33)