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RT PC procedure

Bind a PC VI front-panel indicator to a network-published shared variable (NPSV)

A quick and easy way for a PC HMI (human-machine interface) VI to observe the state of an RT-hosted network-published shared variable (NPSV) without creating any block diagram code; an alternative to programmatically accessing the NPSV value.

https://youtu.be/IZG57wJAR48 (2:40)

Code from the video: rt-pc_bind-indicator-to-npsv.zip


  1. Open the LV project
  2. Ensure that you have already created the network-published shared variable (NPSV)
  3. Open the PC VI
  4. Create a front-panel indicator of the same type as the NPSV you wish to read
  5. Right-click on the indicator and choose “Properties”
  6. Select the “Data Binding” tab
  7. Select “Shared Variable Engine (NI-PSP)”
  8. Select “Read only” as the access type
  9. Browse to “Project Items,” “NI myRIO 1900”, and “RT Shared Variables.lvlib”
  10. Choose the desired shared variable to bind to the indicator
  11. The indicator is now tagged by a triangle symbol that glows green when the PC VI runs and the shared variable is accessible.
NOTE: The indicator changes only when the associated NPSV changes state. For this reason, the indicator need not reside in a polling loop but instead may be placed in its own area of the block diagram.

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