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RT PC procedure

Create a network-published shared variable (NPSV)

The network-published shared variable (NPSV) behaves like a global variable to link targets through the network.

https://youtu.be/_4GZuqsNhCg (5:07)


  1. Open the LabVIEW project
  2. Right-click the RT target
  3. Select “New | Variable”
  4. “Variable” page: Enter the variable name, select “Network-Published” as the variable type, and choose the desired data type
  5. “Description” page: Enter a description for the variable, if desired
  6. “Network” page: Enable buffering (FIFO), if desired; enable “Single Writer”, if desired
  7. “RT FIFO” page: enable this option when the NPSV resides in a deterministic loop
  8. Right-click the newly-created library and choose Save
  9. Enter the name of the LabVIEW library (.lvlib) file; recommended that you store this file with the LabVIEW project file
  10. Drag the variable from the LV project window to the VI block diagram window
  11. Add additional variables by right-clicking the LabVIEW library, and select New | Variable