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RT code example

Functional global variable (FGV)

Use a functional global variable (FGV) to communicate between two parallel process loops contained within different VIs under the same target, and use a FGV to stop parallel loops with one "stop" button. The "functional" nature of the FGV means that you can create additional functionality beyond that of a basic global variable, e.g., counting and calculations that operate on the stored value.

LabVIEW RT block diagram snippet: Functional global variable subVI with unitialized while-loop shift register and case structure

Use cases


Keep in mind

LabVIEW block diagram elements

The functional global variable is a design pattern as opposed to a set of built-in VIs. Refer to the example code below for details.

Example code

Expected results

https://youtu.be/hu_x28978hY (1:51)

Developer walk-through

https://youtu.be/RwH3hwp8vaw (5:16)


For more information

  1. Effective LabVIEW Programming (http://www.ntspress.com/publications/effective-labview-programming/)
    An excellent textbook by Dr. Thomas J. Bress covering all aspects of system design; Chapter 5 ("Action Engines" describes functional global variables in detail. Download all of the code examples from this textbook: follow the link above, select "User Resources", and then "All VIs".
  2. The LabVIEW Style Book (https://www.pearson.com/us/higher-education/program/Blume-Lab-VIEW-Style-Book-The/PGM219404.html)
    A comprehensive textbook by Peter A. Blume that lays out everything you need to know about best practices for LabVIEW system design; Chapter 8 describes functional global variables.